About Us


Value-Edge is an independent professional services firm designed to deliver a broad range of professional services across the investment management industry, financial firms and many corporate environments. Our team is a cross section of professionals that have excelled in prior roles with the leading firms in investment management, fund administration and public accounting. The foundation of our business is our belief that problems can be solved, value can be delivered, and businesses can be helped to evolve by applying the right combination of approach and expertise. We invite you to learn more about Value-Edge’s capabilities and services within our website. Then let’s talk about your business, and how we can help.

Working with Value-Edge

Working with Value-Edge delivers the value of having an experienced business partner focused on your needs. Over the course of our own careers, we have encountered and resolved many of the same issues and challenges you may be facing today. We have lived and worked through new business development and initiatives, acquisitions and restructuring, changing markets, regulatory and corporate environments, calls for cost cutting and efficiency, and unexpected staffing fluctuation. With this knowledge, we have translated our global investment management and private equity experience into a comprehensive offering of services for our clients.

Each engagement or relationship will start with a forward-looking risk-based approach to planning, developing and executing solutions. We have found that many of the concepts and solutions we have successfully applied to large platforms are equally effective in new or smaller businesses. Along the course of our careers, we have encountered and resolved many of the same issues and challenges you may be facing today. Efficiency, cost control, policies and procedures, best practices – these are all just conceptual goals unless you have a trusted advisor with the hands-on experience and pedigree to assess your specific needs and implement the best solutions for your business.

Our broad range of investment management industry experience allows us to not only prepare executive level strategic advice and recommendations, but to provide the resources to execute those solutions on either a project-based or long-term outsourced basis. Your business may never fully enjoy the benefits of a consulting recommendation or an outsourced solution if the roles and functionality are not properly seated in your organization. We have worked on both sides of this model, and understand what it takes to deliver best-in-class results.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide exceptional guidance and services, and become a trusted advisor to your business. We can reference decades of financial services experience when we say we have been in your shoes, and we can address your needs. We will execute with the appropriate depth of service to fulfill your particular needs, enhance your business or advance your interests. Our commitment to you is that we will act as owners, your partners, during and beyond our initial engagement. We will make your vision our mission.